Balloon Facts and Myths

Balloons have many uses. We use them to celebrate things important to us. We use them to fly and have been using them for almost 200 years. We use them in scientific research and to save lives. Find out here many interesting facts about balloons.

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Interesting Facts about Balloons

Do you know how the first gas balloon ended up? How much latex balloons can do damage to nature? What was the name of the first flying sheep? Find out here all interesting facts about balloons.

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Types of Balloons

World of balloons is diverse and colorful. There are balloons for play and serious business, for traveling and balloons that save lives. Read here about a wide range of applications and types of balloons.

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Water Balloons

Water balloon is a simple toy without which some people cannot imagine the summer. Simple as it is, we have it for a relatively short time, and its invention came from one man trying to solve a pretty serious problem.

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Cluster Ballooning

Cluster ballooning is a relatively new, cheaper and more dangerous type of ballooning. Because material for it is easier to obtain, untrained people tried it which ended bad for them. Don’t try this at home.

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Weather Balloons

Before the weather balloons, meteorologists could rely only on the measurements taken on the ground to predict the weather. But the weather depends greatly on the conditions in the upper atmosphere. Without this information they could predict the weather only a few hours into the future. With information from weather balloons they can predict weather for days in advance.

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