Balloon History and Invention

Balloons were always attractive to people. From the inflated pig bladders of the ancient times to the gas balloons that we sent to the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere, we are fascinated with them in one way or the other. Read more about interesting balloon history.

Picture Of Lowes Balloon

Ballooning History

The first balloons where small flying lanterns which were used during festivals and as ways of communications between armies. They grew in time, became the first aircrafts and were capable of carrying people. Find out more about history of ballooning.

Picture Of Balloon For Design

History of Toy Balloon

Toy balloons are an old toy. Children and jesters used an inflated pig’s bladder as early as 14th century. Today we have much prettier (and much more sanitary) variants of toy balloons that we use for parties and celebrations. Read more about history of toy balloon.

Picture Of LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin over Rio

History of Balloon Flight

Since the earliest days, man tries to fly. We have myths that reflect this human wish. Balloons were the first that helped us to fulfill this wish (although, we first had to send couple of animals to test the idea for us). Read about balloon flight history.

Picture Of Balloon Landing In Persia 1850

History of Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons were the first flying machines and they have interesting history. They were toys at first, used for signalization and for celebrations, but in time grew in size and allowed us to fly around the world.

Picture Of Attacked Balloon By Jacques Charles And The Robert Brothers

History of Gas Balloons

Gas balloons appeared at the same time as the hot air balloons and at one time were more popular than them. They are still popular although some gasses that are used for them can be very dangerous. Find out more about history of gas balloons.

Picture Of First Public Demonstration Of A Balloon By Montogolfier

Timeline of Balloons

We use balloons for a very long time now and they were our first method of flying as well as toys and tools in research and breaking records. Here’s a timeline of balloon history.

Picture Of Jacques Etienne Montgolfier

Montgolfier Brothers

History of human flight begins in 18th century with an invention of two brothers - a hot air balloon. These brothers, Montgolfier Brothers, proved that humans can fly - with a little help from science.

Picture Of First Balloon Flight By Jacques Charles December 1 1783
Picture Of Air Balloon
Picture Of Red Balloon
Picture Of Blue Hot Air Balloon